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A Higher Quality, Personalized Windmill for a fraction of the price.

Our Windmill Head Kits come with all the windmill essentials. All kits include detailed step by step instructions for both the Head and Tower assembly.

All Kits Include:

 Windmill Head Components:

  • Head Frame and Blades
  • Outer Wire Ring for Head assembly
  • Tower Mating Shaft
  • Horizontal Stabilizer (Tail Assembly Bar)
  • Rudder Blade (Tail)
  • Bearings and Hardware
  • Red Tip adhesive stickers

** Head Frame, Stabilizers and mating bars are dipped in anti-corrosion finishes to ensure rust prevention and long life.  Vintage Style ( Rusty) Windmill Kits available upon request.


  • Easy to follow Step by Step instructions included for both the Head Kit and Wood Tower assembly.
  • Safety and Anchoring Guidelines
  • Lumber Requirements and Cutting Templates Included
  • Please Note Lumber is NOT included.

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