About Us

Welcome to Southwest Windmill! Your Home for Authentic, Fully Functioning Decorative Windmills.

Founded in 2014, Southwest Windmill is a family owned and operated company. Based in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona, we are well positioned to service the Southwestern United States, and also ship to all 50 states on a regular basis.

Since our inception, Southwest Windmill has launched several successful products in a variety of sizes and styles. From breathtaking 20 Foot Windmill Towers to our unique Rustic Windmill Half, all of our products are made rite here in the United States and are made from high quality materials.

We take pride in selling unique, quality products that meet several quality standards that allow you to see the value and craftsmanship in any item you purchase from us. 

MADE In America is important to us, and we pride ourselves in using U.S made steel. This is important to us, and you will surely see and feel the difference when you experience the weight and quality of our Windmills.

We thank you for visiting our site.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.