Complete Windmill 11 Feet Tall

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11 Foot Tall Outdoor Decorative Windmill 

Add beauty and charm to any landscape or outdoor space! This 11 foot Windmill is one of 4 sizes offered and works great in gardens, farms, fields and other landscape settings.

Unit is approx 11 feet in height and includes a sealed bearing for long life and easy maintenance

What's Included:

* Fully assembled windmill Base, constructed from pressure treated Pine and a 38" Windmill Head and Tail Kit

* Head with 12 fan blades
* Rudder and Tail Assembly
* Tower Mounting Shaft
* Optional Red Blade Tip Adhesive decals

Forged in the USA from USA  sourced steel and lumber

Built to Order: - Typically completed in 1-2 weeks from receipt of Order

**** Please note: We are currently Only delivering completed Windmills to select Arizona locations only.  Pick up available upon request for other locations.